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Howdy neighbor,
I’ve made a silly thing that does blinking LED’s in an old fashioned light diffuser. a fuse. It’s pretty simple to put together. You can use this OshPark link to order 3 boards for about $7. Also uploaded are 3D parts you can print to make the holder.

Let’s get started!

Go to my Git repo and download the files. Make your orders as referenced in the BOM.txt. You can order boards at OshPark here: Order from OSH Park

I first solder on the tiny resistors. I tin the pads, then put them on one at a time. Next is the ATTINY. Then the RGB LED (look at the polarity). I then tin the pad for the battery for tension, and finally the two jumpers. I goofed on my prototype, and made the battery polarity reversed. oops. The Osh model is fixed.

Load up the code with an AVR programmer with the settings noted in the code. Size fit the whole thing in the button and adjust the position of the LED. Add an optional light diffuser (bubble wrap, plastic food wrap, etc). Screw in the fuse and it should make contact with the two jumpers to turn it on. Bask in my randomness, and dont blow a fuse.